This rose has thorns, and here they are!
"Burn me, I'm a human girl! Whoa, I've got two hands and some lovely...apples."
  • Nephew: they're assembling!
  • Mom: like the Power Rangers, right?
  • Nephew: No!
  • Mom: ...who assembles...?
  • Me (from a different room): THE AVENGERS!

I’ve never doodled any of the Avengers before…Hawkeye shocked me since I’m usually terrible at drawing hair like that…Tasha was good until I had to draw her eyes and then all ability failed me XD 

Anyways, here are two ‘venger doodles, enjoy :D

so this also happened yesterday….AGAIN. HOW LUCKY AM I?

so yesterday I got a text from a number I didn’t know….I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS OPPORTUNITY MY WHOLE LIFE

I just had this amazing dream where…

I was at a convention and I ended up sitting at a table across from Chris Hemsworth and right next to Jeremy Renner with Chris Evans right next to him. And we just talked. Then Chris Hemsworth had to go do an interview so I had to turn to talk to Jeremy Renner but people kept walking by and saying hi to me and when someone nudged my shoulder I almost fell off the bench but Renner saved me by catching me (he had his arms around me @-@) and he totally held me WAY LONGER THAN NECESSARY and I was SO OKAY with that and then we talked more and I got up to get something to drink and then I woke up ;-; I’ve never been so disappointed to wake up from a dream.

Jeremy Renner-I melt for you XD (he doesn’t start singing for a while-not until after the woman and the very short instrumental) and that bit at the end explodes my ovaries EVERY TIME

Hnnnnng… sexy >w>

I fucking love this man so god damn much (tumblr, why you make me swear so much? O_o)