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A scene between these two superheroes would literally be the best thing ever.

#'Hey Steve how about this: I put your suit you put mine and we will', #'No Johnny', #'Oh come on Steve don't be so serious about life it'll be hillarious', #'Johnny I said no', #'Tony was right you are grumply old man who doesn't know how to have fun',

This just in: MCU fandom handles double-casting 150000% better than Whovians.

but what if Johnny stole Cap’s uniform and was just wandering around the mansion and suddenly bursts into flame and all the other Avengers freak the fuck out and Johnny is just on the floor dying from laughter and then Steve walks in, looks around, and just walks back out again

I just had this amazing dream where…

I was at a convention and I ended up sitting at a table across from Chris Hemsworth and right next to Jeremy Renner with Chris Evans right next to him. And we just talked. Then Chris Hemsworth had to go do an interview so I had to turn to talk to Jeremy Renner but people kept walking by and saying hi to me and when someone nudged my shoulder I almost fell off the bench but Renner saved me by catching me (he had his arms around me @-@) and he totally held me WAY LONGER THAN NECESSARY and I was SO OKAY with that and then we talked more and I got up to get something to drink and then I woke up ;-; I’ve never been so disappointed to wake up from a dream.

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